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We believe that there is no-one else like Jesus, no-one who did what he did, or said what he said. And we believe that how we respond to him will affect the entire course of our life. There have been countless books written about him, movies made of his life, millions of songs and poems and paintings. Here are three things that he said about himself:


I am the way

Jesus didn't come to just show the way to God, he came to be the way to God. When he died on the cross, he died in our place, so that all our guilt could be removed completely - so that we need no longer be separated from God. No-one and nothing else can bridge that gap - not our good works, not our beliefs, not our religious practices - only Jesus.


I am the truth

Jesus came to show the truth about God. In our world, there are so many ideas about God - mostly these gods either approve of what we do (and we ignore them) or they disapprove of what we do (and we fear or hate them). But Jesus came to show us the God who loves us too much to leave us as we are.


I am the life

We all want security, love, and joy and we try to find these in many different places. But Jesus brings a greater security - that can never be lost, a greater love - that doesn't depend on our performance, and a greater joy - that still exists even in the middle of suffering. When we find him, we truly find life.


If you’d like to explore the Christian faith or find out more about Jesus and what we believe please get in touch or sign up to an Alpha course


If you would like to give your life to Jesus right now here is a prayer that you could pray:


Jesus, I trust that you are who you say you are. I receive you as my saviour and I choose to follow you. I receive your forgiveness and your love. Amen.


If you've just prayed this prayer please get in touch we would love to meet you and talk with you more about Jesus and life with Him.

You can read more about what we believe on the Evangelical Alliance Website and the Salt and Light Ministries website. But perhaps the best way is for us to share a coffee and chat about it.



If you are interested in find out more about who Jesus is and exploring the big questions of faith and life. you are in the right place!

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CCC is a family and our young people are so important! Find out all about what our Children and Youth get up to on a sunday morning.

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