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Find out:

What to expect if you come and visit us one Sunday morning

What we believe about Jesus, who we arewhat we do and why we call ourselves a church family?

If you want to find out more or chat with one of our team please do get in touch

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Where everyone

is welcome

We are a diverse family of people who love God, love each other & love our community. We are a place where you can meet God. 

We meet together on a Sunday morning at Carterton Community Centre where we worship God together, learn from The Bible and spend time together. We also have specific groups for children and youth.

Moving House
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Just moved in?

Moving to a new area and finding a church can be really challenging. So we want to welcome you and let you know that Carterton and the surrounding area is a fantastic place to live!


Also that you are so welcome to come and check out CCC on a Sunday morning. We are a friendly community and would love to support you as you get settled in.

People join us from all over OX18 and beyond:




Find space with us to explore your faith

Carterton Community Church is also a place for those that are just exploring faith, Asking the big questions of the meaning of Life and we love being a part of this journey with people. 

You are welcome to join us on a sunday morning where we'd love to talk some more with you about our faith. We also regularly run Alpha which is 10 sessions looking at the meaning of Life and what Christians believe. If you like to know more or just to talk to someone please get in touch

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