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There are loads of reasons you might want to 'come to church'.

Perhaps you are moving to the area and want to find a church family to join.

Perhaps you are exploring what it means to be a Christian or looking for some answers.

Maybe you used to go to church, or feel lost in your life.

Perhaps it’s just about trying to refocus, prioritise and find purpose.

Whatever your reason and whoever you are, you are welcome to join with us on a Sunday Morning.

In the Bible we read about how God's people are the church. So we never really 'go' to church. As followers of Jesus together, we are The Church. On Sundays, and at lots of other times during the week, we gather together as a whole local church family or in smaller groups. That's why 'come to church' is in inverted commas. It's a small detail but it changes the way we live! We also meet together with and work together with other churches in our town. We are part of a family of churches called Salt & Light ADVANCE.

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We see church as being like a family – a welcoming and diverse family. The more time you spend with us the more you will realise that we are all ‘different’ and that we all ‘belong’.

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We meet in Carterton Community Centre on Shilton Park. Which is also the home of many other groups and clubs in the town

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When you go somewhere for the first time sometimes its helpful to have chatted or emailed with someone before you arrive. Feel free to just turn up or get in touch with us first. Whatever you prefer.


Please check the diary for information about gatherings or get in touch to find out what is happening on any given Sunday.

Normally, we start to arrive at Carterton Community Centre between 10:00 and 10:30 for coffee, and to catch up with each other. Our set up teams will have been there much earlier and there is a prayer gathering at 10. So don’t worry if you arrive a bit earlier - you might just have to wait for the coffee to brew!

There’s plenty of parking available in Marigold Square, including disabled parking spaces with level access into the building and accessible toilets. Alternativly we are only about a 5 min walk to the bus stops on Monahan Way.

We have a welcome team who will say, “hello” and if you have any questions they will be happy to help you.

Sometimes wondering what to wear is an issue when we go somewhere new … don’t worry - we just wear normal clothes, we don’t dress up super smart or anything … we come as we are! Most people will just be in casual or smart-casual clothes.


During the service we will sing, we will pray, we will read passages from the Bible, people will share things that they think God is saying to us. The children will go to their activities about halfway through the morning and the adults will hear a preach. Youth (11-18) also have there own group every couple of weeks. 


If there is ever anything you don’t understand please feel free to ask the person sitting next to you or someone from the welcome team at the end of the meeting. And if there is anything you don’t feel comfortable with – please feel free not to join in.


Our service usually finishes at about 12:00 and there are always people happy to chat to you and pray with you after the service – and there’s normally more tea and coffee. 


We hope you are able to join with us one Sunday it would be lovely to meet you.

What to expect
What to expect
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